Capture his heart book review

Capture his heart is a book aimed at women who try to make something serious, especially long term and stable relationships with men rarely have any success in finances or business. Contrary to what women think beauty is, men perceive them in different stature. Not regarding them by the shoes they wear or their makeup or their body structure.

Claire Casey in this book presents techniques that worked for her when she was working on her relationship with her fianco, Michael Fiore.The book actually presents the two as a couple, and three methods that are proven to work every time.

The first being, you are your source of happiness and you need not a man to be happy. Don’t engage in the common mistake of most women of being needy thinking that is love.

Secondly, confidence is paramount, it makes your partner want to be committed and stay with you for a long period of time. Ladies tend to imagine their future together with their partners which is just but pure fantasy.

Thirdly, let the man pursue you. Men like challenges so why not give them a chance of the chase since they are geared to be the hunters and love that they earn you nice slowly which cannot be achieved if the woman is at his disposal.

Capture his heart has a different approach to dating and relationships as a whole.

It is a book that provides insight as to the solutions after such gross mistakes have been made.

In this regard women are able to reduce on their mistakes, thus choosing a right partner and working towards building a strong, lasting, intimate relationship.

According to capture his heart, many men fear getting into committal relationships and have a great phobia when it comes to getting married. Being able to learn this and expressing your feelings without driving them away is paramount. It gives insight as to not being too emotional, and sharing feelings at the right time and step by step thus develop into something wonderful. Any negativity in a relationship that includes insecurities may doom the relationship. The book gives awareness to different wants in a relationship thus a couple is able to identify them and work with them to achieve greatness.

Capture his heart is written by both a lady and a man thus is able to give the both sides to the coin.

It enlightens women tricks to drive a man to see the possibility of a relationship with them and things like body shape, physical appearance, body or the size of their bust or bum and dress are just superficial worries and are not the key to being attractive, likeable and desirable to a man.


One rnay have to reflect on the past and one must follow the steps otherwise the methodology may not work.


This is a book that any woman looking for a long-term relationship should have and respects rigorously the provided steps. It is better than anything out there on relationships

How Attract a Girl You Want

If you are reading this, you like to attract a girl you want or you want to learn how to attract any girl anytime you want. Before I start telling you how to attract any girl you want, I have to let you know that I admire you for looking for instructions in this area of your life. I admire you because guys don’t actually seek information about how to attract females. The reason is, guys think that they can attract any girl they want if they really try.

But from my experience reading the tao of badass guide, it’s not true. Guys have to be given instructions on how to do it For example, If you tell a regular guy to go over and talk to attractive girl on the street or anywhere in the public place, he can’t do it because he doesn’t know how to do it This is why, if a guy meets a girl who gives her attention, he will cling to her and probably get married. And because he didn’t actively try to attract her, he will most likely lose attraction to her. He loses attraction because she wasn’t a girl he really wanted.

I am generalizing, of course, but this can be one of the causes that explains high divorce rate in the industrialized countries. I bet you are thinking “I am here to learn to attract girls, not to read about a divorce rate “I know, I’m just letting you know the long term implications if you don’t learn how to attract girls you want. Ok, so. Let’s go into what qualities that attract women and then will go into how to apply them in a real life situation Those qualities may not be sexy but you will be thankful when they lead to sex.

3 Top Qualities That Attract Women.

  1. Confidence
  2. Congruence
  3. Leading

These qualities are hard-wired in women’s brain through millions of years of evolution. They are survival skills for women and they are unconscious. If you display any of them, she can’t help but be attracted to you Ok, so. Let’s talk about Confidence. Why are women attracted to confidence? Because in the wild, where we are originated from, if a woman couldn’t find a man who is confident enough to bring food and protect her from beasts, she wouldn’t live long.

In modern times, even if we live in protected society, female brain haven’t changed much. So, if you can be confident, she will not help but be attracted. When you are confident, her brain sees you as a man who can protect her and bring food to her Now how about congruence. Being congruent to what you are feeling when you are interacting with a girl is important. Women has an ability to detect if you are pretending to be something you are not. In other words, if you are not congruent, it signals to a woman that you a liar and not trustworthy. And it goes back to survival mechanism that women have If she can’t trust you, she won’t be able to survive. So, she won’t be attracted to you Leading. Leadership goes hand and hand with confidence.

Only confident person can lead. If you are not confident, you can’t lead. So, how do you apply them in real world. Well, it’s not that hard Let’s assume that you see an attractive girl in a coffee shop and you want to talk to her First, to show that you are confident, you simply walk over to her and say “Hi” with smile. And say, “My name is “Your Name”. You look cute. I had to meet you.” Second, don’t pretend to be so confident, if you are not feeling it at the moment. You may say, “But you said, “be confident?”Well, you were being confident when you approached her And being congruent to what you are feeling is confidence too. Third, you communicated leadership when you approached her You took the lead, you initiated the conversation. So, just approaching a girl and introducing yourself without faking what you feel, you displayed all the qualities of attractive men. Do this over and over again. And when it becomes a habit, you will naturally attract any girl you want. You maybe asking “That’s it?” Yes, that’s it Attracting girls you want shouldn’t be more complicated than this

So go out there and start practicing. Enjoy

Get The Girl You Deserve With Tao Of Badass

Every man wants to be the alpha male and attract the most beautiful diva. Be it at any age, men never want to be single in life. Still, a lot of men face a lot of hurdles when attracting a woman towards them. Most of the time, shy men fail to get the dates they deserve. Sometimes, even the best man loses his lady luck to someone else. Now, it is time to change the situation with Tao of badass and get the girl you always wanted.

Be it teenager or a middle aged man, stress, work pressure or studies affect their social life. The daily dose of pressure makes them more like a machine. Still, somewhere inside, they still have the urge to be with someone special. Once in a while, when a teenager gets a date, he wants to display the best in him and impress the girl. In the process he actually messes the moment. Tao of badass is the book that tells men how to behave around a girl, how to impresses her without trying too hard and best of all, how to attract her and make her like you Written by Joshua Pellicer, the book is proven to be one of the best guides for men to attract his love and leave the fear of socializing behind.

Tao of badass is filled with everything that a man has to know about a woman. It removes some common misconceptions in men. For example, most of the shy guys think women love outgoing personalities, the poor think that women like rich guys and the fat guy think that women would only date a model with Greek God like physic. All these are misconceptions which become hurdles when they want to approach a girl. The Tao of badass also describes the way one should start and continue a conversation with a woman. The book says that is always good to keep the conversation simple and start with some simple questions about friends or anything that might make her more comfortable in the conversation.

The book guides men through the path of love and helps them make the girl fall in love in each and every meet. It is very important to make sure that she likes you as a lover not as a friend. The book decodes the code of body languages which helps one to feel the need of the moment.

Tao of badass gives the complete guide to heart of women. If you have the confidence, Tao of badass will take care of the rest.

Tao of Badass review

The Tao of Badass presents the modern pickup artist with some practical and advanced focal points to improve his chances of success with women. One of the tenets emphasized in the book is being conscious of and improving your body language, as non-verbal communication constitutes 93% of communication. Since women communicate in a different way than men, the book also talks about what kind of mind constructs women use in their communicative unfolding. It is important to understand this key element in order to not “leg up” or “overpower” the seductee, but rather move in from a place of better understanding of who she is as a human being.

The interesting thing about The Tao of Badass is that it does deal with a somewhat holistic model, instead of just focusing on simply picking up as many women as possible, there is some advice on how to find and maintain a successful long-term relationship as well It’s a refreshing change of pace to have some regard towards commitment and developing effective long-term communication skills with your partner.

The book covers most typical areas men would be concerned with in regards to the world of pickup. One section deals with rejection and how to psychologically understand and handle this natural life phenomena. One then understands that women are simply human beings like me and you, and that rejection is indeed not a threat or even anything to take seriously at all

Of course, we have come into an era of pickup where so-called “natural game” is becoming a must to survive. There is no way of developing any kind of genuine relationship by manipulating or lying to women, and many men are sobering up to this fact. The fact is that you have to be yourself, who you really are, to have any level of internal growth, and that’s what this is all about. The next generation of pickup lies in inner game, and books like “The Tao of Badass” and many others are emphasizing the mental and spiritual aspect of dating and relationships.

While I personally found it to still adhere too much to a “system” for my liking (I am a Bruce Lee kind of guy, I don’t like methods), the advice given can still be applied to good use, and values and true leanings can then be extrapolated from it from real world experience if one is willing to practice.
All in all I think it’s a great book and if you are committed to this area of your life at this point in time, it is definitely a good read.


Tired of being unable to rule your love accordingly? Or of catching a woman’s attention only for her to disappear without a trace? Put your worries aside because the obsession formula, an incredible red hot formula made by the world’s number one seducer Adam Lyons will show you what to do to make a woman entirely obsessed with is a road map to knowing a woman’s deep fantasies, being able to give undivided attention and as a result getting her to have an unending desire for you.

lt is a step by step guide that promises to teach you awesome tactics of real seduction that will guarantee optimized satisfaction to your woman by increasing your level of confidence thus making her feel the need for your continuous presence. So how does it work? According to the Obsession Formula Review The science behind the obsession formula is base on releasing dopamine in a woman’s brain.

This helps to implant fantasies in her brain accompanied by feelings of lust and continuous desire to make her she feel good when she is with you. With time she gets addicted to that feeling making her want you over and over again.

Based on forced learning and reward mechanism, this guide is a quick route to getting a woman sexually interested in you by releasing the feel-good hormone and a learning technique based on conditioning the mind.

To get the most out of it, Adam suggests you watch an introductory video then another one explaining the core of the theory and the last one showing how the theory is applied practically. Start by watching the three videos then decide how to go about the rest but before that, he also suggests that before making women obsessed with you, use this formula on yourself first by flooding yourself with dopamine which is done by going out severally and being a social person who will in the end make you love the feeling.

The guide is divided into three obsession codes namely; temptation fantasy, chasing fantasy and devotion fantasy which you can choose from depending on the need you are looking to fulfill at that time The final verdict? This formula is to say the least a must have if you want to keep yourself motivated in your love can be purchased from its official website. Get it now, make your fantasy a reality and get that lasting relationship you have only seen in your dreams!